Thank you for visiting my official website. I’m very excited for the 2015 season where I will be covering all the major Tennis events for both TV and Radio. Its a priviledge to cover the sport in such a special era with so many icons creating history. On the domestic front,  Andy Murray will be looking to add to his two Grand Slams ( US Open and Wimbledon) and Heather Watson has already secured her 2nd WTA tour title and looks to be heading for a career High World ranking in 2015.

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My Tennis Academy is now heading into its 7th year and I am so proud of what the team have achieved in getting kids out on court, enjoying this wonderful sport. Last Year we opened a New Tennis Academy in Portugal and  I look forward to getting out there and to our Academy in Cyprus as much as I can. We are also growing our Tennis Holidays business to offer a wider range of destinations in 2015.

I co founded ” Diary Doll” with my great friend Carol Smillie in 2012 producing underwear as a solution product for women and it continues to grow and thrive. We are very proud to be retailing on line as well as in major stores. check it out

I am a great believer in Alternative health and have been passionate about the subject for many years. I have been treated Homeopathically for many years now and I would encourage everyone to give it a go.  It certainly has worked for me and my family.

Lastly, my new passion is Power Yoga and after a New Years resolution in 2014 to get more supple – it seems to be working. I cant get enough of it and it compliments my running and tennis which I enjoy regularly as a part of my weekly routine.

(Namaste)  Peace Peace Peace!

Thank you for all those who spare the time to pass on your kind words. Stay fit and healthy!

Lots of love